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XP vs Vista vs Mac OS X vs Ubuntu

Today we have many choise of desktop OS. The UNIX-based OS such as Mac OS X and Linux or Windows-based such as XP and Vista. Each OS has well known stereotype and features. Lets start comparing point by point.
13 May 2008 -

Windows XP Service Pack 3 Full Preview

Since SP2 came out, Microsoft has continued to supply fixes and enhancements via Windows (and Microsoft) Updates. Windows XP Service Pack 3 simply rolls all the fixes and upgrades into a single convenient package, though there are a few brand-new addition
12 Dec 2007 -

Service Pack 3 Speeds Windows XP

Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3), the update scheduled to release on 2008, runs some applications 10% faster than XP SP2.
26 Nov 2007 -

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