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Error 404 Road

When a geek become a ruler.
Topics: Funny Pics
11 Jul 2008 -

The Real Internet Business

How the connection between Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL? This picture will show the whole picture of today internet business.
Topics: Funny Pics
21 Jun 2008 -

Inter-office E-mail

When e-mail become so important in the office to communicate with your partner.
Topics: Funny Pics
02 May 2008 -

Book Error Message

If this happen when you reading a book, what will you do?
Topics: Funny Pics
11 Apr 2008 -

The Real Original Computer

This picture show you the real original computer.
Topics: Funny Pics
27 Mar 2008 -

The Basic of HTML

This picture show you the real basic of HTML.
Topics: Funny Pics
01 Mar 2008 -

Italian Mystery

Ever wondered why Italic fonts are always tilted? Here's how it all started.
Topics: Funny Pics
20 Feb 2008 -

Microsoft Technical Support

Outsourcing has been a boon for Indian economy but it did create some trouble for US products. Here's an example.
Topics: Funny Pics
19 Feb 2008 -

New Windows XP SP3 Dialog Boxes

Windows XP SP3 will be released with these new dialog boxes that make it more powerful.
Topics: Funny Pics
10 Feb 2008 -

IT Project Described

This picture shows how an IT project is described.
Topics: Funny Pics
10 Feb 2008 -

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