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Get PC Information from DOS Command Prompt

Get PC information without using extra tools, just with DOS command prompt. How to do that?
Topics: Windows
26 Apr 2008 -

Change Icon Size Quickly

On default state, Windows Vista will show icons in its desktop in large size. How to change these icons size?
Topics: Windows
27 Mar 2008 -

Disable Startup Splash Screen

Usually, Windows always show startup splash screen while starting computer. How to disable this splash screen?
Topics: Windows
26 Mar 2008 -

ReadyBoost to Increase Your PC Performance

Windows Vista consumes a lot of memory. How to add your memory capacity without buying a new one?
Topics: Windows
19 Mar 2008 -

Remove Label from Your Desktop Icons

To have more space in your desktop, you can try this method. You can remove the label of your icon in your desktop area. How to do that?
Topics: Windows
19 Mar 2008 -

Turn Off Autoplay Feature

When you plug your external drive, Windows will show an autoplay window. How to turn off this feature?
Topics: Windows
19 Mar 2008 -

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