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Bill Gates Officially Stepped Down from Microsoft

Bill Gates's retired from Microsoft on Friday. Two years ago Gates announced that he was leaving the software world to devote his time to the philanthropic organization he started with his wife in 2000. The group's work involves funding malaria and HIV research, among other causes.
29 Jun 2008 -

New Features and Enhancement in

Six months has pass away since first launching on internet free online service. There are many features and enhancements SweBee tries to give and serve to our users.
20 Jun 2008 -

Yahoo! Runs Ads Supplied by Google

Yahoo said it had agreed to let Google put search ads — advertisements placed next to search results — on its site in what it called an $800 million annual revenue opportunity.
13 Jun 2008 -

CodeGear is Purchased by Embarcadero from Borland

Embarcadero Technologies, a privately-held company of Thoma Cressey Bravo, has announced that they signed a definitive asset purchase agreement with Borland Software Corporation (NASDAQ: BORL) to purchase its CodeGear division.
09 May 2008 -

Microsoft Walked Away from Yahoo

Microsoft (MSFT) has withdrawn its three-month-old offer for acquiring Yahoo (YHOO) because the two sides cannot agree on an acceptable sale price.
04 May 2008 -

Microsoft Announced Its Acquisition of Komoku

Microsoft announced its acquisition of Komoku, a company that offers advanced rootkit detection capabilities. Microsoft said it will build Komoku's technology into future versions of its line of security software for businesses.
24 Mar 2008 -

Try Our New Comprehensive Tools

Today, the SweBee team are pleased to announce the launch of SweBee Toolbox, a new feature for SweBee users that makes it easy to analyse, view or search information about network, website, IP Address, etc. It is your slice of the web, at your fingertips.
10 Mar 2008 -

Yahoo! Board of Directors Officially Reject Microsoft's Proposal

The Yahoo! Board of Directors has carefully reviewed Microsoft's unsolicited proposal with Yahoo!'s management team and financial and legal advisors and has unanimously concluded that the proposal is not in the best interests of Yahoo! and their stockholders.
11 Feb 2008 -

Yahoo's Board Plans To Reject Microsoft's Bid

Yahoo!, the Internet media giant is expected to reject Microsoft's offer, initially worth $44.6 billion, on this Monday. Yahoo's board believes the Microsoft offer massively undervalues Yahoo.
10 Feb 2008 -

Microsoft Wants To Buy Yahoo at $44.6 Billion!

Microsoft has proposed an acquisition of Yahoo! for $31 per share or at apporximately $44.6 billon in cash and stock. Yahoo's latest disappointing earnings announcement helped to depress the stock price, making it a renewed target for a takeover.
03 Feb 2008 -

John Lilly as Mozilla New CEO

Mozilla Corporation has announced the appointment of current COO John Lilly as its CEO, effective immediately. Mitchell Baker, Mozilla's current CEO, would continue as Chairman and a full-time executive of the corporation.
08 Jan 2008 - Will Be "Soft Launching" Next Month will soft launch its technology website in the next month. Not all features will all go live at soft launch, only news, reviews, and blogs will be available in their website soft launch.
03 Jan 2008 -

Microsoft Has Acquired Multimap

Microsoft extends their services by acquiring Multimap, a UK-based online mapping service. Multimap offers a fairly standard set of mapping features, including both street maps and an aerial view of the terrain.
15 Dec 2007 -

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