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iPhone 3G on Friday

On Friday (July 11, 2008), Apple is launching a second-generation iPhone called the iPhone 3G. The base version of the new iPhone costs $199 — half of its predecessor.
09 Jul 2008 -

Safari, The World's Fastest Web Browser for Mac and Windows

Apple releases their newest internet browser Safari 3.1, the world's fastest web browser for Mac and Windows PCs. Safari loads web pages 1.9 times faster than IE 7 and 1.7 times faster than Mozilla Firefox 2.
Topics: Web Browser
28 Mar 2008 -

Apple Introduced World's Thinnest Notebook

Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the MacBook Air, the newest notebook by Apple. This notebook claimed as the thinnest notebook in the world. The MacBook Air is priced starting at $1,799 and will be available within two weeks.
Topics: Notebook
17 Jan 2008 -

Mac OS X Will Be The Next Target of Hackers

A web survey of more than 350 computer users held by Sophos - an IT security and control firm - has revealed that 93 percent believe Apple Mac OS will be increasingly targeted by cybercriminals in the future.
20 Feb 2008 -

The World's Thinnest Notebook

"MacBook Air is ultrathin, ultraportable, and ultra unlike anything else. But you don't lose inches and pounds overnight. Of multiple wireless innovations. And of breakthrough design." Is it true?
Topics: Notebook
22 Jan 2008 -

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