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Safari, The World's Fastest Web Browser for Mac and Windows

Apple releases their newest internet browser Safari 3.1, the world's fastest web browser for Mac and Windows PCs. Safari loads web pages 1.9 times faster than IE 7 and 1.7 times faster than Mozilla Firefox 2.
Topics: Web Browser
28 Mar 2008 -

XP vs Vista vs Mac OS X vs Ubuntu

Today we have many choise of desktop OS. The UNIX-based OS such as Mac OS X and Linux or Windows-based such as XP and Vista. Each OS has well known stereotype and features. Lets start comparing point by point.
13 May 2008 -

Sign the "SAVE XP" Petition

Microsoft has announced that they will end most sales of Windows XP on June 30, 2008 then forcing users to shift to Vista. InfoWorld has launched an online petition to convince Microsoft not to retire Windows XP.
16 Jan 2008 -

Windows XP Service Pack 3 Full Preview

Since SP2 came out, Microsoft has continued to supply fixes and enhancements via Windows (and Microsoft) Updates. Windows XP Service Pack 3 simply rolls all the fixes and upgrades into a single convenient package, though there are a few brand-new addition
12 Dec 2007 -

Service Pack 3 Speeds Windows XP

Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3), the update scheduled to release on 2008, runs some applications 10% faster than XP SP2.
26 Nov 2007 -

Web Browser That Felt Like a Video Game

Your regular browser has one window. When you create a new web page, it replaces your old web page and gives you a tab. But what if you had unlimited space? What if you now had: here, there, and the space between?
Topics: Web Browser
03 May 2008 -

Ultra-Fast Download Speed Experience

Want to improve your downloads speed? With files mirrored on several sites, Gigaget Download Manager improves your download speed up to 7-10 times and sometimes can speed up downloads up to 20 times!
12 Jan 2008 -

Web Pages In 3D Tabbed Browsing

SpaceTime™ is a free browser you can download for your PC. SpaceTime introduces new experience in tabbed browsing. They creates 3D Tabbed Browsing.
Topics: Web Browser
03 May 2008 -

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